healing empowerment recovery


healing empowerment recovery


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Transformation Yoga Project is offering a special training for yoga teachers and practitioners, social workers, addiction counselors and mental health providers who are interested in learning how yoga can be an effective therapy for those impacted by trauma.

Yoga for Recovery

Research suggests that the skills, insights, and self-awareness learned through yoga and mindfulness practice are useful complementary therapies for treating addiction.

Transformation Yoga Project provides trauma-sensitive Yoga For Recovery classes at local treatment and rehabilitation centers, recovery residences, community wellness centers, and at partner studios.  


Check out a donation class! All are welcome, no experience needed. Visit beautiful local yoga studios and pay what you can. Proceeds support Transformation Yoga Project programs.  


YOGA for Prisons

Studies have shown that incarcerated individuals who participated in yoga and mindfulness programs showed increased positive effects such as self control and empathy for others. Yoga teaches the principles of nonviolence, self-awareness, self-respect, and respect toward others.

Transformation Yoga Project encourages participants within the criminal justice system to practice yoga as a lifestyle, on and beyond the mat.


additional SERVICES

Transformation Yoga Project provides prisons, private entities and individuals with resources to establish yoga programs as part of a rehabilitation program. The program and processes are adaptable to serve the needs of institutions, justice departments, and social work agencies. Transformation Yoga Project integrates yoga into successful rehabilitation programs, and partners with institutions to make such programs an integral part of the stress and anger management components of their facility.


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