Transformation Yoga Project (TYP) serves people impacted by trauma, addiction and incarceration through trauma-sensitive, mindfulness-based yoga. We are a 501(c) 3 non-profit whose activities are funded through a combination of program fees, grants, and donations.

Our extensive network of TYP instructors are insured, certified at the 200-hour level or higher, and have completed our trauma and addiction certificate program. They have experience in facilitating classes and workshops in Residential Treatment Centers, PHP and IOP programs, Recovery Residences, Collegiate Recovery Clubs, Alternative High Schools, Detention Centers, Prisons, and through our network of community partners.

TYP facilitators are highly trained to offer the instruction of gentle, breath-guided movements in a supportive environment. This accessible breath-centered practice is based on proven methods that activate the relaxation response, reduce stress, lower blood pressure, decrease symptoms of anxiety, and alleviate depression. 


TYP provides prisons, private entities, and individuals with the resources to establish yoga programs as part of a rehabilitation program. The program and processes are adaptable to serve the needs of institutions, justice departments, and social work agencies. TYP integrates yoga into successful rehabilitation programs, and partners with institutions to make such programs an integral part of the stress and anger management components of their facility.