Every day TYP is working with youth, women, and men recovering from trauma.

Every day TYP is working to equip people with a powerful tool they can use, not only to cope with the traumatic experiences they have experienced, but also to empower them to begin to heal from those traumas through the proven practices of yoga and mindfulness

Thank you to everyone that has donated in 2018 so far! You have helped us raise more nearly $5,000 during both our Campaigns for Criminal Justice and Mental Health Awareness. Please continue to support TYP. Your donation provides more individuals with an opportunity to practice trauma-sensitive, mindfulness-based yoga!

Your choice to donate now will empower 12,000 people in 2018.

$7 covers the cost for one yoga participant
$30 covers the cost of an entire mindfulness class
$100 provides all the materials for a new program
$350 provides a year of classes to one person at a correctional facility

$900 sponsors an individual, in recovery or reentry, in our 200-hour yoga teacher training program

Make the right choice. Choose healing. Choose empowerment. Choose recovery. Choose the power of yoga